Maintaining currency and being up-to-date in health can often be a challenge for health professionals and services within this space. HealthPathways SA strives to maintain accurate and quality information to support our clinical users.  

Content is continually being updated as evidenced based practice, clinical guidance and service information evolves. When our team of GP Clinical Editors and Clinical Coordinators are made aware of changes to guidelines or services, we respond appropriately and swiftly to ensure accuracy. 

You can contact our team at any time by pressing the “Send Feedback” button located on all pathways within the portal.   

Alternatively, send us an email if you have any queries, one of the HealthPathways SA team would be happy to get in contact.

While the clinical team is able to respond to updates as they emerge, all pathways follow a rigourous review process for currency, accuracy and quality at minimum once every 36 months. For many pathways such as those within our immunisation suite, revisions occur more frequently as immunisation schedules and information on vaccines change on a regular basis.  

To find out what has been updated and what changes have occurred, jump on to HealthPathways SA by clicking the image below. 


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Contact us: For all queries, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia Team